Wednesday, March 16, 2011

27 by 27

Happy Birthday to meeee!
 Today is my 25th birthday, here I am a quarter of a century and whilst I’ve done a lot of great stuff in my lifetime there are still many things (large and small) that I still want to achieve. Therefore why not give myself a bit of a kick up the backside and make a list (I love a good list) of 27 things to do before I’m 27.

Why 27? Well, firstly I have never been good at sticking to appropriate numbers for things. For example this article has only 8 and a half points rather than the more traditional 10. I could have gone for 30 things before I’m thirty but five years seems quite a long time, and this way if I fail to do all the 27 things before my 28th birthday I can always add three more things and give myself three more years to get everything done. Of course I could have gone for 29 things, but that’s a bit close to 30, and well, I don’t much like the number 28. So here it is a list of 27 things to do before my 27th birthday. Some are more adventurous than others and various ones will be made harder by the fact that I am currently living in Uganda. Still, I’m ready to give it a good old go… 

1. Grow my own vegetables.. successfully
2. Learn how to do cryptic crosswords, subsequently complete one
3. Have one article published in a magazine/newspaper
4. Raise £1000 for charity
5. Host a tea party with little cakes, triangle sandwiches and proper china
6. Start a small shop on Etsy
7. Go to Malawi
8. Read at least one of the religious books/scriptures in its entirety
9. Learn how to play Mah jong, the real rather than the computer, version
10. Customise an item of clothing/shoes
11. See mountain gorillas
12. Be with Denis when he experiences the sea for the first time
13. Go to Glastonbury festival
14. Skip every day for a month in the hope that it may encourage me to continue the good habit.
15. Knit a scarf
16. Take a sign language class
17. Write a letter to my childhood pen-friend in Australia whom I have not written to in over a decade, to see if I get a response from her or whoever may now live at that address.
18. Drastically improve my Rukiga  
19. Learn (and play) every card game in the Collins Book of Family Card Games
20. Get a fringe cut in (subsequently grow it out sharpish if it looks horrendous)
21. Read the entire works of Shakespeare
22. Volunteer with the homeless
23. Have a go at riding a motorbike
24. Learn to cook 14 new vegetarian recipes
25. Attend a bhangra dance class
26. Spend a month writing a letter a day to someone I love.
27. Read Milton's Paradise Lost

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  1. Fantastic! Some Ive tried, some I would Love to help you do when I get to UG and sea one brought a tear to my eye. YOU GO GIRL! has given me food for thoughtxxx