Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In the beginning...

So, after rather a long time of thinking about it and some gentle (and not so gentle) persuasion from various parties here it is, the very first entry of this, my blog. Now, I must confess that once upon a time when I was a student with lots of time on my hands I did have a brief foray into the blogging world. However, my blog was rarely updated, was largely filled with nonsense and as I recall had rather a lot of pictures involving fairy lights swirled into weird and wonderful patterns. This time I intend to do much, much better.

It is my intention that here you can catch up with the comings and goings of my life in Uganda. Inevitably, some of my entries will be retrospective, after all it’s been nearly 3 years since I first came to Uganda and roughly 20 years since I started doing things that I can remember. I also promise to keep pictures of fairy lights to an absolute minimum (although at Christmas time such promises might have to be temporarily suspended).

If you are the kind to judge a person by their musical tastes, and let’s be fair there are lots of us out there, feel free to judge away here

So without further ado, let the blogging begin. Until next time, well at least I think there will be a next time...

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